Michael Combley

Stunt Co-Ordinator

Michael has assisted The Bunyip movie in a number of broad and elegant roles including Rock Climbing Safety Ogre, Big Yellow Thing Wrangler, Occasional Location Scout, and Sneaky Purveyor of Fine Budget Snacks .

Along with his nephew and gun climber James Carpenter, Michael initially came to our attention through his reputation as a climber, but has found occasion to contribute to the film in a multitude of ways - with a constant refrain of 'that ought to be possible,' no matter how outlandish the request.

Most recently, he has provided his precious hand made motorcycle as the stunt bike for the film's opening sequence, and taken on the role of The Man On The Tools - Down in Y Twyll Ddu (look it up, it's Welsh) he has a pile of tools and lumps of metal. Brackets and bolts magically appear and movie cameras get set on rock solid mounts. Y Twyll Ddu the place where unspeakable stuff gets made - just in time for shooting!