Alex Michael Petty

Special FX Creature & Makeup

Alex graduated from film school in Orlando, Florida, in 2012, just prior to starting work on Bunyip. He's the founder of Headless Kate Studios, and has written and directed a couple of shorts (including 2011's "For Rent") and worked in the SFX Department on numerous film school projects.

Alex recruited a team of modellers and builders in Florida to work with him to create the bunyip. In late March, he flew to Australia in the slightly unusual company of 2 life-sized bunyips, with whom he spent a relaxing holiday somewhere near Sydney...

As a fellow director and die-hard lover of film, Alex assisted in many departments during the shoot, especially lighting and shooting some wonderful on-set stills. He also trained the makeup team and directors in the finer points of wounds, fake blood recipes and the secret to a perfect intestine. On his return to the US, Alex found himself in considerable demand, and has worked on numerous professionally-produced projects, including the TV pilot "Shadowglade" and the feature "The Wickedness."