Scott Guy


Scott graduated from Sydney Film School is 2011, and since then has worked on a variety of different projects, in a variety of different roles.

His main areas of interest include cinematography, editing, writing and directing. His thesis film which he wrote and directed, 'Ghost of a Chance', won the audience choice award at the Sydney Film School Film Festival in 2011.

As gaffer he has worked on short films such as 'Diogenes', the multi-award-winning 'Letters Home', 'On The Table', 'Rings in Time' and 'The Carousel', which helped him to build his skills and prepare for the long nights in the bush shooting Bunyip.

Scott's innovative approach to lighting was crucial in achieving the look of a horror movie on extremely limited resources, and he worked tirelessly with DOP Andrew Sudiro to bring the ghoulish vision

to life.