Paul Sorauer

Stills Photographer & 2nd Unit DOP

A professional stills photographer and keen rock climber, Paul was a natural fit for stills during our early pickups. His stills work includes events for Microsoft, film premieres and weddings.

As we moved to more epic locations, Paul's role expanded to include 2nd Unit DOP work. With a unique ability to safely dangle from a rope while shooting action footage, Paul's contribution was key to creating some of the film's scariest moments.

Paul's love of film started at a young age when he was among the last few children in the running for the role eventually played by Christian Bale in "Empire of the Sun." Paul appeared in the film "Hawk the Slayer" opposite Jack Palance, and pursued a professional acting career before turning his attention to photography and cinematography.

He has DOPed several short films for Kino and shot stills for the same organisation. His stills and cinematography work on Bunyip marks his feature film debut.